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Respa      Close It - HUD Statements
Generates a variety of handsome, laser quality settlement statements: The original two page HUD-1, one page Refi HUD, GFE HUD for purchase/sale and refi, and separate Buyer, Seller and Loan statements. Close It performs all calculations for you automatically. Prepares a Disbursement Statement for incoming and outgoing funds. View and edit the HUD statement right on the screen.

Deeds      Convey It - Seller Documents
Generates a variety of fully built-in Deeds, Purchase Money Mortgages, Notes, Bills of Sale, Affidavits, and more. Includes built-in clause banks, modifiable to your practice, single key recall. Specifically designed for multiple notaries and other mail-a-way features. Also includes our built-in word processor, DisplayWord™, that allows you to create, modify, and save your own merge documents.

Title      Insure It - Commitments, Policies and Endorsements.
The program contains schedule B-I and B-II paragraph banks of common requirements and exceptions, modifiable to your practice. Featuring single key recall with automatic numbering and renumbering. Prints replicas of various underwriter forms. Insure It produces Title Insurance schedules.

FNMA      Loan It - Lender Documents.
Prints on plain paper replicas of FNMA/FHLMC Mortgages, Riders, Fixed and Adjustable Rate Notes, Purchaser/Vendor Affidavits, Principal and Interest Letter, and Truth-In-Lending Disclosure.

Terms      Amortize It - Amortization schedules.
Produces Interest Only, Principal Reductions, Balloons, and Adjustable Rate Amortization Schedules. Great for those times when customers are in need of a schedule.

Checks      Pay It - Link to Quicken and Quickbooks
Very popular module allows the Distribution Statement to be exported to the user's Quicken or Quickbooks for check printing, etc.

Funds      Trust It - Escrow accounting module.
This module is a fully, built-in escrow accounting system that reads the Disbursement Statement and produces a journal, register, client ledger, three-way reconciliation and many special reports. Includes laser check writing.

File      Finish It - Post-closing tracking.
The finish module keeps you up to date on whether satisfactions have been returned and polices issued, etc. Included with all Full Practice Series software orders.

Status      Report It - Report generator.
New module that allows you to track the progress and information included in all your files. One click of the button and you can generate many helpful reports based on your inquiry.

1099      Report It - Reporting to the IRS
Program stores 1099 data at the click of a button. Make a data file to send to the IRS instead of having to type the forms or hire a service.

Compare before you buy. Look closely at the programs in practice. We are confident of the conclusion - for Lawyer-like performance, flexibility, ease of use, logical design, legal features - there is no better value than DisplaySoft™!
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