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Guardianship Pricing Guardianship Hardware Requirements

Official Forms Module.
Prints replicas of the preprinted forms with the official logo. Also includes a merge feature that interfaces with your word processor allowing you to create any form.

Dynamic Accounting Module.
Dynamic database that includes accounting forms G-4.025 - G-4.028. Capable of endless entries and auto math feature that makes your accounting procedure simple and fast.

Select Your Programs - Match Your Case Load

Each program level above is designed to fit your Guardianship Case Load of open/active files. The Entry Level Solution was designed for low to moderate activity. The Full Practice Series was designed for high volume. Both the Entry Level Solution and Full Practice Series have equal power and identical program functions. The only difference between the two is the maximum number of files that can be open at one time. (This is limited to the Entry Level Solution (ELS) number of 8, 20, or 35. The Full Practice Series (FPS) has no limit and is only restricted by space available on your computer.)

Annual Support And Maintenance

The optional annual support package is paid each year in advance and includes: (1) Any changes mandated by Law, Rule, or Regulation to keep your program current; (2) Telephone support by our paralegal and technical staff; (3) Updates and enhancements that improve program logic, speed, and other functions and enhancements as suggested by the Review Committee, FLSSI, and Users.

Pricing - Contact Us For Network Prices

All programs are priced separately and based upon whether the version is stand-alone or network and whether the user needs an Entry Level Solution (ELS) or the Full Practice Series.
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