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Official Forms Module.
Prints replicas of the preprinted forms with the official logo. Also includes a "Make Forms" feature that interfaces with our included word processor "DisplayWord" allowing you to create any form.

Dade Forms.
Special forms required in Dade County. Includes the nine forms designed by, and required by, Dade County judges.

Government Forms
Replicas of the preprinted government forms including the SS-4, IRS-56, DR-301 and DR-308. No more need for a typewriter.

Dynamic Accounting Module.
Dynamic database that includes accounting forms P-5.0338 - P-5.0346. Capable of endless entries and auto math feature that makes your accounting procedure simple and fast. This module can be added to the program later or at time of purchase.

Dynamic Inventory Module.
Dynamic database that includes categorized entries for items including: Real Estate, Vehicles, Insurance, Personal Property, etc. Also includes inventory forms P-3.0900, P-3.0901, and P-3.0920. This module can be added to the program later or at time of purchase.

Creditors Module
Dynamic database program that tracks claims, objections, payments, etc. via a built-in spreadsheet. Generates reports for claims management.

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