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Available for Probate & Guardianship

“Forms on Disk” are the original FLSSI forms in Microsoft Word™ Processor format, ready to fill in and use. We are emailing the current version of all forms. (We do not maintain or support Corel Word Perfect™ file types.)

Access your Word Processor, retrieve the form, fill in the data, use the “Save As” function to save the form to a different name, then print/PDF your form.

These forms do not print the FLSSI Logo. As these are in word processor format and the text can be modified, they are no longer copyrighted forms.


The “Forms on Disk” are only:
$295 plus tax for Probate
$295 plus tax for Guardianship


There is no Annual Support & Maintenance Fee for the “Forms on Disk”. Every year, FLSSI reviews, revises, and modifies the Forms. When these new revisions are released, all our “Forms on Disk” customers are sent a notice via Email notifying them that the new revisions are available for purchase. The price to upgrade varies from year-to-year depending on the amount of changes required to be made.