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Speed It Program Information
"Software Tools For The Legal Arts"
Speed It Hardware Requirements

Your solution for fast document preparation and printing when you only need one or two real estate documents. For instance: A seller engages you to prepare a Warranty Deed and a DR-219 . . .
Speed It is the Answer!

  • Stand-alone program... runs all by itself... no other programs required;
  • One time data entry;
  • Auto-calculates amount of Documentary Stamp Tax from the sales price, at property county rate;
  • Built-in word processor with user memory Clause Banks;
  • Multiple notaries & up to six signatures lines;
  • See form on the screen;
  • Enter data directly on the form;
  • Data from one form is distributed to all related forms;
  • Go from form-to-form in one click;
  • Prints professional handsome documents;
  • Fax directly from the program to your fax software.
The documents have built-in logic for individual, corporation, and partnership signatures:
- Warranty Deed - DR-219 - Satisfaction of Mortgage
- Special Warranty Deed - Bill of Sale - Assignment of Mortgage
- Quitclaim Deed - Promissory Note - General Release
- Partial Release of Mortgage

The Stand Alone Version on one computer is:
The Program can be loaded on a second computer at the same site or at your home for:
The Network Version is:
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