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DisplaySoft™ Frequently Asked Questions

ELS = Entry Level Solution (8 file and 20 file options)
FPS = Full Practice Series (unlimited files)

Our pricing is broken down into different levels so that firms who do a lower volume of cases or firms that are just starting out won’t have to pay the same as a firm who does a large volume of cases.  For example, the ELS-20 (Entry Level Solution 20) only stores 20 files simultaneously.  When you create your 20th file, you cannot create another one until you delete one or upgrade to the next level.  It’s built for a firm that does a low volume.   You can start at the ELS-20 (Entry level Solution 20) that stores up to 20 cases at a time and, as your practice grows, you can upgrade to the higher levels.  When you upgrade from one level to another (i.e., ELS-20 to FPS), you only pay the difference in cost. The software grows with your practice.

We offer a free, 30 day no obligation trial.  This free, no obligation trial lets you experience how user-friendly the software is and evaluate what modules you need.  The trial is a full working version of the program and does not print “sample” or “example” on the documents.  You use the trial version for real cases.  The only difference between a trial and an actual purchase is that the trial has a time-lock on it.  If you didn’t purchase it, the program would stop working.  When it is purchased (as we’re sure will happen once you see it and use it), we just turn that time-lock off with a password over the phone.  You then continue working; you do not lose any data or any files worked on during the trial.   You can try all the different modules and then decide at the end of the trial which ones you will be using and want to keep.

DisplaySoft™ provides one free webinar training for your staff upon purchase.  DisplaySoft™ is very easy to use, training’s typically last less than 2 hours.  More webinar training is available for $400.00 each session (unlimited attendees).

DisplaySoft™ now offers Desktop and Cloud solutions for Real Estate Closing & Title.  Desktop solutions for Probate and Guardianship forms.

Our superb annual maintenance includes:

  1. Unlimited calls to our support staff;
  2. We will make any changes mandated by a change in a Law, Rule, or Regulation necessary to keep your closing documents current and recordable;
  3. Telephone support by our paralegal and technical staff;
  4. Updates and enhancements that improve program logic, speed, and other functions.

1099 Report It – there is a fee each December for the next year’s IRS format of the 1099 program (this is separate from the regular Annual Support & Maintenance).

DisplaySoft™ is a Windows based Platform. DisplaySoft™ will not run on an Apple Macintosh Operating System.  However, DisplaySoft™ will run on an Apple Macintosh Computer with Windows operating system Installed.

Recommended Server requirements:
Pentium current generation I5/equivalent or higher recommended processor
16 Gigs of RAM or higher
Windows Server 2016 or higher
SQL Server 2012 or higher (Not Required)
.net Framework 4.5.2 or higher is only required on the server if it will used as a client.

Recommended Client Workstation requirements:
Windows 10 (64-Bit)
.net Framework 4.5.2 or higher installed
8 Gigs of RAM or higher
Pentium current generation I5/equivalent or higher recommended processor

DisplaySoft™ accepts checks, we no longer accept credit cards.