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Probate Forms & Guardianship Forms

“Forms on Disk” are the original FLSSI forms in Microsoft Word™ Processor format, ready to fill in and use. We are emailing the current version of all forms. (We do not maintain or support Corel Word Perfect™ file types.)

Access your Word Processor, retrieve the form, fill in the data, use the “Save As” function to save the form to a different name, then print/PDF your form.

These forms do not print the FLSSI Logo. As these are in Microsoft Word™ processor format and the text can be modified, they are no longer copyrighted forms.


The “Forms on Disk” are only:
$295 plus tax for Probate
$295 plus tax for Guardianship


There is no Annual Support & Maintenance Fee for the “Forms on Disk”. Every year, FLSSI reviews, revises, and modifies the Forms. When these new revisions are released, all our “Forms on Disk” customers are sent a notice via Email notifying them that the new revisions are available for purchase. The price to upgrade varies from year-to-year depending on the amount of changes required to be made.