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Real Estate Closing & Title Software 


DisplaySoft™ provides Real Estate Closing & Title Software with CFPB and RESPA compliant HUD forms (Closing Disclosure, HUD-1, GFE and our very own HUD Look for quick cash deals), ALTA Statements, Seller Documents, Title Commitments/Policies, 1099 filing, Data Call, Amortization Schedules & Escrow for Title Companies & Real Estate Attorneys.

Let our team show you how quick and easy our software can be. 

Modules to Make Real Estate Closings a Breeze!

Respa Close It & CDF Disclose It Modules

Generates the original HUD-1, GFE & Closing Disclosure for purchase/sale and refinance along with Balance Sheets, separate buyer/seller statements and ALTA forms.

Deeds Convey It & Your Forms Modules

Generates a variety of fully built in Deeds, Notes & Affidavits. Import your own Microsoft Word™ documents into Your Forms for an easy to use forms maker.

Title Insure It Module

Generates replicas of Commitments, Policies & Endorsements. Generate a CPL & Jacket. Contains commonly used schedule B-I and B-II clauses, built in and editable.

Checks Pay For It Module

Allows the Balance Sheet to be exported  to the user’s QuickBooks for check writing, reports & reconciliation.

Funds Trust It Module

This is a fully, built-in escrow accounting system that reads the Disbursement Statement and produces a register, client ledger, three-way reconciliation, reports & check writing.

1099 Report It Module

Stores 1099 data for each file and creates a data submission file to upload to the IRS website.

Terms Amortize It Module

Produces Amortization Schedules. Has options for Interest Only Payments, Principal Reductions, Balloons and Adjustable Interest Rates.

Florida Data Call It Module

Collects title insurance information to submit to the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) to assist in the analysis of title insurance industry in Florida.


Annual Support & Maintenance is paid up front and covers you for the first year.
Single user pricing – Call for simultaneous network user pricing.

Pricing is broken down into different levels so that firms who do a lower volume of closings or firms that are just starting out don’t have to pay the same as a firm who does a large volume of closings.  For example, the ELS-20 (Entry Level Solution 20) only stores 20 files simultaneously.  When you create your 20th file, you cannot create another one until you delete one or upgrade to the next level.